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Taking too much, including getting too much too soon or causing a bad reaction, can lead to addiction. This is one possibility that can be considered. Most people choose drugs that will be more effective for a period of time before they stop taking the drug. The amount of time you take varies from person to person and may even be different for some users. The more often you use a pharmaceutical or recreational drug the more likely you are to take that for a long period of time. There has been some evidence in which MDMA was linked to a stronger immune system in people who were in an acute condition and not in those who were taking the drug. These are very different results, however. MDMA is not an all-in drug. It does not harm anyone. MDMA will not cause heart disease. Taking Xyrem for many days or weeks without having a high with any kind of physical pain can produce similar effects at any point in time. Use good quality, safe, affordable, high quality Ecstasy pills or tablets when you should know there is no difference in effectiveness between tablets. Librium buy